Customized Technology Solutions

to help your business grow and be more efficient

Empowering your organization with systems designed to work for you.

Working with us you’ll get…

An Advisor You Can Trust

Be empowered to use your new system, but rest assured that RapidTek is on-call when questions come up.

Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to technology… let us help build a system that works for you.

Identifiable Growth & Efficiency

Watch as your business or organization utilizes tech to take the next step towards realizing your vision.

Don’t let outdated technology prevent your growth…
or leave your organization compromised.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the need to update your systems?


Are you confused about who to trust or what tech solution is right for you? Are you afraid of making the wrong choice, but even more fearful of what could happen if you don’t modernize now?


What you need is help from someone who cares more about you than your money… and an expert who can help find solutions that work to your advantage.

Three Steps to Improve your Operations…

1. Schedule a Consultation

Let’s meet to discuss your business’ specific needs and discover how RapidTek can help.

2. Get Your Personalized Roadmap to Optimization

Let’s meet to discuss your business’ specific needs and discover how RapidTek can help.

3. Be Empowered to Grow Your Business

With RapidTek in your corner, gain confidence in your systems and the feeling that you can’t be stopped.


It truly bothers us to see so many of Hawaii’s businesses and organizations behind the curve when it comes to technology.

Because the truth is that outdated systems can pose many problems, from the threat of being hacked even to being forced out of business.

We’re passionate about helping launch, modernize, and optimize your operations so you can increase productivity and continue to thrive going forward.


At RapidTek, we know you want to see your business take the next step utilizing modern technology to your advantage. But in order to do that, you need someone you can trust to help design and implement systems that meet your specific needs.

The problem is there are so many “solutions” on the market, and big technology companies often care more about securing your contract than providing the support critical for your success.

This leaves you feeling overwhelmed – afraid of making the wrong choice, but even more afraid of what could happen if you don’t update your systems in time



We believe you deserve to be confident in knowing you’re not being taken advantage of – that your best interest is in mind and you’re getting a solution that works for you! 

We understand how hard it can be to remain relevant in markets where there are bigger players with more resources.


Growing up in Hawaii, RapidTek founder Mike Higashi’s family owned a small grocery store on Oahu. But their 40 year old business was forced to close because of growing competition from the mainland companies, and not being able to compete due to outdated systems.



Now, after having built world-class tech solutions at Microsoft for 17 years, we are excited for the opportunity to help businesses and organizations become more efficient through easy to use systems that improve staff operations and customer service all while reducing operational costs. 

Here’s how we can help…


Business Process Optimization


Technology is transforming our world at a rapid pace, and if you don’t learn how to integrate it into your operations now, you will get left behind.


The flip side is – utilizing technology will increase the efficiency and productivity of your business!


Analytics and applications allow for faster and smarter workflows at every level of your organization’s processes and services.


Our goal is to set you up for success through personalized project road-mapping, strategic planning, compelling design insights, and execution of your project objectives.


Realize your organization’s vision and mission by learning to use tech solutions to your advantage!


Project Management


 The truth is, in order to meet the emerging demands of your business or organization, you need solutions that are both innovative and adaptable.


And building out this kind of solution requires a thorough evaluation of your current services, as well as expertise in each stage of your systems.


At RapidTek, we take a hands-on approach using agile development, a focus on the user experience, and implementation that will position your organization to perform at a higher level.


Together, let’s transform your processes today with smart solutions built for the future of your organization!

Your Business’ Transformation Starts Today


Are you afraid of becoming outdated or irrelevant?

Good news!


You no longer have to feel threatened by being swallowed up with too much work or failing to keep up with the growing trends of your industry.


With RapidTek’s help, let’s redesign your current systems, so you can maximize your productivity and watch your business crush it!


We promise to…

  • Prioritize our relationship with you,  over profit​
  • Meet your established goals
  • Provide you with creative solutions that cater to your specific needs
  • Continually look for new and innovative ways to improve your systems.​
  • Always do more than just “satisfy the requirement.”
  • Never sell you a technology that’s not the right fit.
  • Never provide parity updates – “new” solutions with the same old problems.
  • Never abandon the project even if it’s “in the red.”